A good rest, the key to better running performance

This is demonstrated by several studies such as the one published by the doctor and neurologist William Christopher Winter in his book The Sleep Solution in which he talks about the importance of rest, although he also recognizes that it is not essential to sleep eight hours the night before a competition.

“While sleep is very important, that of the previous night is practically irrelevant. Not everything is lost if an athlete has a difficult night just before the competition,” he says.

In any case, when you say that rest is also part of the training you are not lying at all. What specialists call “invisible training” is gaining in importance especially for high-performance athletes.

After several days of hard work and hard training, the body needs to recover to assimilate all the effort made in the last few hours.

A free day of total rest allows the body to restore glycogen levels, reduce fatigue and strengthen itself for the next training sessions.

Recovery is essential

A good recovery is essential to assimilate new stimuli and be fully active for the new workout. This is because training every day can lead to a serious mistake, known as overtraining, which can also lead to serious injuries.

We can talk about different forms of rest, although the main one is to sleep well -at least seven hours-, but it can also help us to recover our body through stretching, massages, cold water baths, electrostimulation or the use of foam rollers, which favour muscular recovery by relieving the trigger points of the muscles.

Then there is the issue of footwear. It is not the same to have cheap running shoes for women than to bet on top quality ‘shoes’ from brands such as ASICS, Saucony, Mizuno, Adidas, Nike, Brooks or New Balance.

Take care of nutrition and hydration

Also, nutrition and hydration are fundamental aspects that every runner must take into account both in their training and in their competition days. Taking care of your diet and eating a balanced diet is also part of the invisible training we mentioned earlier.

This healthy diet will also allow us to stay full of energy and ready for the most immediate sessions we have pending.

The same happens with hydration, which accompanied by a healthy diet will allow us to accelerate this process of help for the body. Water should be drunk before, during and after training, especially on days with higher humidity or especially hot days.

All to keep our invisible training active and improve performance both in races and training, as well as in our daily lives.

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