Benefits of Bike Riding

When choosing the type of exercise we want to do, we must investigate not only what we like, but also the benefits that can bring us one sport or another.

The good thing about cycling is that it is a sport that anyone can do. It is for all ages and we can ride a bike with the family. But you also have the option of doing a high-performance exercise. It’s not just a quiet, family sport.

Benefits of cycling

The bicycle is a cardiovascular activity, so it helps us considerably to increase our lung capacity. It also helps us lower our blood pressure and improves the circulation of our whole body. You will increase your stamina and your health as it increases our basal metabolism. Exercising on a bicycle reduces the possibility of stress and heart attack by 50%. Being a sport that does not need concentration, we can clear the mind and thereby reduce the stress accumulated throughout the day.

It is also the perfect sport for people who are overweight, as it helps considerably the loss of liquids and fat that will make you lose weight much faster. If you are thinking that you have a few kilos more or simply want to look better, the bike is your ally. You do great muscle work on your legs, hips and abdomen. This makes it the perfect sport to burn fat, either general or focused and helps us stylize our body.

The bicycle is also suitable for people who have joint problems. When running, the entire weight of our body falls on the knees and ankles abruptly. We strengthen the muscles of our back when we find ourselves in a position slightly inclined towards the handlebars. By strengthening the muscles of our lumbar region we are making sure that we do not have hernias in the future. The knees are also one of the joints that suffer most when we do sport. Strengthening the muscles around the knee makes it more secure and therefore avoids possible problems.

It strengthens our immune system and helps us to improve the function of our defences. We also increase the secretion of endorphins which is the happiness hormone. This will make you feel very happy and satisfied. You will look better and this will make you have high self-esteem.

Don’t hesitate to try the enormous benefits of the bike!

Time benefits

If we do sport by bicycle for 10 minutes, we are improving our joint system. Doing it for 20 minutes considerably improves the immune system. After 30 minutes we notice improvements in the cardiovascular system. After 40 minutes we have an increase in respiratory capacity. After 50 minutes we help our body to accelerate its metabolism. Finally, after 60 minutes, we will have improved our general well-being and controlled our weight.

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