How to protect your knees when running

More and more people are deciding to join the running fashion but, to do it correctly, it is necessary to protect your knees well.

If you have ever suffered knee pain while running, you will know that it is a very uncomfortable sensation. Also, don’t overlook it, because if your knees fail you’re going to have to stop running for a while. That’s why it’s best to protect your knees when you run. To protect them, you can do a series of exercises, continuously and not just one day, in addition to complying with some guidelines that help you not to injure yourself.

Tips for protecting your knees

Running is a very good sport, but being an impact sport, our knees can be affected. So here are a few tips to help you protect your knees.

  • Buy the right running shoes. This is, without a doubt, the first step you should take if you want to protect your knees when running. You may think it’s obvious, but not everyone wears the shoes they need according to their footstep. Also, running shoes have special features. You’ll need to buy more cushioned shoes if you’re heavier. You’ll also need to analyse how you impact the ground, as well as the distance and rhythms. Everything influences!
  • Try not to abuse the asphalt. If you run quite often, it is recommended that you avoid running all of them on asphalt. You can vary grass, dirt, asphalt, clay… We know it’s more complicated, but this way you avoid the excessive impact of doing it on asphalt. This impact is negative for the knees. The continuous impact of running on the asphalt is the result of multiplying your weight a couple of times. And that goes to your knees! Running on the asphalt causes joint problems.
  • It strengthens your musculature. Another good way to cushion the impacts of your joints, particularly your knees, is to train your leg muscles. Try to strengthen them every week. The idea is that the muscles are strong enough to withstand impacts. Pay special attention to quadriceps, cufflinks. You can do exercises with your weight, such as squats.
  • Learn the right technique. Your knees won’t suffer the same if you hit the ground with your heel or if you hit the middle of your foot. You can protect your knees to run better. The impact of the foot on the ground is done with the middle part of the foot, cleanly and reactively. The foot should impact your body and not further forward.

Common Running Errors

Although it may seem simple, running requires technique. That’s why it’s a good idea to avoid hitting the ground too hard. The movement has to be fast and powerful.

You should avoid spending too much time in contact with the ground. You will also have to avoid supporting the impact on the heel. This way, you are only hurting your knee. Finally, remember to keep your feet oriented when running. Always run with your feet pointing in the direction you are going. Your feet and knees should be parallel, pointing forward. This helps strengthen your adductors and align your leg.

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