The 5 toughest marathons on the planet

I can’t think of a greater passion than travelling and sports, and if you are a running lover, I invite you to prepare one of your next trips. In Practica Vida we invite you to travel to 5 of the hardest marathons on the planet, only suitable for daring people… Do you dare?

Big Five

You will run surrounded by wild animals in their natural habitat: lions, giraffes, lynxes, elephants, buffaloes, leopards… but don’t worry because you will be watched at all times by guards who will look after your safety. Even so, don’t forget to run with the corner of your eye, just in case.

It consists of two distances: half marathon (21´5 km) and marathon (about 42) and takes place on sandy and rocky terrain.

Conquer the Great Wall of China

If you like to travel to the Far East this is your career. Almost 22.000 km of a wall that crosses the whole country and reconstructed in many of its sections, but calm, the race is not so many km. You will have to travel 20.000 steps during the journey, many of them half-demolished, a great challenge for your ankles!

It has four distances: 5 km, 10 km, half and marathon, so it is suitable for all runner levels.

The date is in May, so the temperature can vary between 15 º C and 23 º C. In this race there is no limited registration, but a maximum of 10 hours to finish it, whatever the distance is chosen, can you think of a better plan than to visit one of the wonders of the world than this way?

It takes place in June and the temperature oscillates between 20ºC. As it is a natural site and due to conservation measures, the inscription is closed to around 300 people… Are you going to lose yours?

Kangerlussuaq. Arctic Circle Marathon

It takes place in the cold lands of Greenland, and is considered the coldest marathon on the planet, beers, abstains! Go prepared, the terrain is gravel with ice sheets and snow on many of its stretches, and don’t rule out the occasional reindeer.

It consists of two distances: medium and marathon. And as in the previous one, there is a maximum time for the end of the race: 4 hours for the 21 km and 7 hours for the 42 km, after that time, they will come to pick you up if you have not crossed the finish line.

It takes place in October and we don’t even talk about the best temperature and it is limited to 250 participants. One of the things to keep in mind in this race is to learn to dress properly, with the rule of three layers (the first thermal, the second polar lining and the third type windbreaker) will form a microclimate to protect you from the cold and wind. Do you dare to run through landscapes of auroras boreales?

Volcano Marathon

It takes place in the Atacama Desert, in Chilean lands. The beauty of this race is its difference in altitude, with a minimum of about 4500m, so the aerobic disability and altitude sickness can be one of your problems when facing it. On the other hand, the different landscapes and valleys that you will see during the tour are priceless; (it is, about 3200€).

It is a single distance, the entire marathon, but a few days before, if you wish, you have at your disposal a few races of adaptation for the area, with less distance and altitude. It takes place in November, maybe you’ll get to this year’s race.

The terrain is gravel and volcanic rock sand, as it is an area of many volcanoes, some of them still active. You will have to run faster if you see one of them become active during the race. Would you like to run between volcanoes?

Badwater Ultramarathon

More than a usual marathon, I present to you “the King of Marathons” and the most difficult in the world. They are a total of 217 km to travel in several days through the American state of California, crossing the famous Valley of Death. But it is not only known for its distance but also its almost vertical ascent of 4000m and its corresponding great descent.

It takes place in July, so the temperature can reach 50 º C What heat!

Indeed, you have to be a superman and superwoman to face this test. There is no finishing limit, but the male record is around 22 hours. The prices vary according to the time in crossing it and a detail to bear in mind, is that it depends on yourself the management of the refreshment; that is to say, the organization only controls that nothing happens to the athletes, but they do not provide you with any product of hydration, take it into account if you decide to participate.

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